Apartment Management



Arab Marbella Management Corp services Marbella City's Real Estate Community. We manage commercial and residential properties as well as individual units for investors and absent owners. We also manage condos and co-ops. Our job is to handle the tenants, paperwork and filings so you do not have to. Our services for individual coop or condo apartment units include. Please complete the form on the bottom of this page to have a member of our team contact you to discuss the management of your property.

A management team with More then 10 years experience that will:

  • Prepare rents bills and collect the rent
  • Review and pay invoices
  • Review and pay the mortgage
  • Assist in the renting of the apartment and preparation of Board Applications in necessary
  • Handle all tenant complaints and repairs
  • Oversee repairs in apartment
  • Assist in the renovation of the apartment
  • Inspect the unit on a regular basis if requested
  • Assist in the sale of the unit if needed


  • prepare residential leases and riders for rent stabilized and decontrolled apartments
  • work with your attorneys to prepare commercial leases and riders
  • investigate rent stabilization and rent control abuses by tenants

We will prepare detailed reports tailored to your needs such as :

  • the collection of rents and expenses
  • the repairs being performed on the premises
  • any pending litigation
  • monthly/yearly accounting for the property

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