Swimming Pool Maintenance


Swimming pool maintenance is an integral part of pool hygiene, and that of Swimmer as well. Arab Marbella maintenance services for swimming pools will provide a customized schedule for maintenance, after analyzing the average Swimmer load, climatic conditions and other such factors. An ordinary maintenance visit involves the following steps:

  • Test water – without adding chemicals until the maintenance schedule for that day is complete,
  • Using net(s) to remove all leaves and other large debris from the pool.
  • Using brush to remove dirt, algae, stains, or scale from the pool walls and floor.
  • Clean all baskets – for the skimmer(s) and the pump.
  • Vacuuming – remove any settled and remaining dirt, leaves or other debris from the pool
  • Cleaning the filter – If it is a sand filter or a DE filter, then it will be back-washed. If it is a cartridge filter, then rinse individual pleated filter elements with a garden hose and a pressurized nozzle.
  • Adding the necessary chemical(s) – from the test(s) taken earlier that day.